Riddle, Doug

Doug Riddle

Douglas Riddle, PhD, DMin. is Global Director of Coaching Services and Assessment Portfolio at the Center for Creative Leadership. He drives the portfolio of coaching services and guides the assessment strategy for the benefit of the clients of the Center. He supports the management of coaching talent including nearly 400 professional coaches located in almost 30 countries and shapes the coaching research and publications agenda, including research into global best practices, use of alternative media, and the impact of coaching on organizational effectiveness.

Doug coaches senior leaders and their teams and continues to provide thought leadership in the field, speaking and presenting papers at major scientific and professional conferences around the world on leadership, coaching and organizational change. He has served on the adjunct faculty of the graduate school of Human Behavior at Alliant University and helped establish the Community Mediation Centers in San Diego. He currently serves as an advisor on several non-profit boards including Project Rising Sun of the Fund for Theological Education and the Foundation for International Leadership Coaching. Doug’s articles, blogs and media interviews have appeared in numerous general circulation and specialty publications.

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