Roche, Charmaine

Charmaine Roche

Charmaine brings the following orientations to her work: Compassionate disruption | Decoloniality as a systemic Lens | Social justice advocacy and activism| Principles of equality, equity & belonging.

Charmaine works with individuals, teams and organisations committed to making a difference in a world struggling with some deep systemic challenges: racial and social injustice, inequity, and climate crisis. She is actively engaged with developing decoloniality as a systemic lens for creating solutions based on the liberating stance of working within the fissures and cracks of a broken system. This requires being able to sit with what is uncomfortable for new, life affirming ways of being to emerge; working to discover the ways of being that will transform rather than reproduce the patterns that have brought us to where we are. Breaking open the crack rather than papering over them, to create new possibilities.

She is a thought leader and activist for anti-racism and decoloniality within coaching, supervision, and leadership development.

Most recent publications: Anti-racism in Coaching: A global call to Action. Racial Equity, Inclusion ad Belonging in Coaching.

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