Terrani, Emily

Emily Blumkin

Emily Terrani

Emily Terrani, the Sponsor & Fellow Outreach Manager for the Institute of Coaching, is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Human Development and minor in Health Policy Analysis Management. Her greatest passion is to help empower others to improve their mental, emotional, social, physical and professional well-being. This passion, along with Emily’s ability to empathize with others, appreciate different perspectives, and understand situations holistically, has driven her to dedicate her academic and professional endeavors towards supporting others.

Emily has extensive expertise in psychology and evidence-based behavior change through her academic studies. Currently, she is conducting research on psychological coping resources, resilience and burnout at Harvard. Her professional roles in varying healthcare account management and marketing positions have focused on initiatives to drive brand and health awareness, as well as to foster positive behavior change. Her work has enabled organizations and individuals to feel empowered to take charge of their health and well-being.

As the Sponsor & Fellow Outreach Manager for the Institute of Coaching, Emily is eager to apply her keen organization skills, ambition and compassion for helping others towards the IOC’s goals. Emily is thrilled to have the opportunity to help coaching leaders make a positive impact in their communities by serving as a resource and the main point of contact for IOC Sponsors and members.  For coaches seeking to empower themselves with the best coaching science and research, Emily can answer any of their questions and can guide members through understanding all of their IOC membership benefits.