Triggs, Suzanne

Suzanne Triggs

Dr. Suzanne Triggs is a very experienced personal development and functional imagery coach, a registered social worker, visiting lecturer and coaching skills trainer. Dr. Triggs has spent 25 years working in social work and has led many different projects to improve social work practice. Dr. Triggs completed her PhD in 2019, her trailblazing doctoral research was the first globally to explore the use of coaching with social work practitioners and leaders. In 2021 she received the Institute of Coaching’s inaugural Ellen Shub Award for ‘Coaching for Social Good’.

Dr. Triggs runs a private coaching practice ( and during the pandemic she began offering free coaching to anyone in the social and health care professions via her Twitter account. She has since coached and trained over 300 plus social care staff. Dr. Triggs believes coaching can change and innovate the experience of social care - for those who practice it and those who experience it. She is a founder member of a new special interest group within the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy,