Webinar: Mental Health Literacy for Coaches: The Time is Now!

October 20, 2022 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Did you know that the CDC (U.S. Center for Disease Control) research shows in 2022 that upwards of 50% of the adult population will be diagnosed with some form of mental illness during their lifetime? In any given year, statistics indicate that 20% of the population suffers from a mental health challenge. In the wake of the pandemic, these numbers have increased exponentially. In light of this situation, the IOC is excited to be introducing a new asynchronous course designed to help coaches become more knowledgeable in this crucial area of well-being: mental health.  

How can we help our clients thrive in a post-covid world of disruption and stress?  

A special kick-off event in anticipation of the release of our new course, this webinar will bring a panel of mental health experts and coaches together in discussion around why mental health is so important for today's coaches, asking: what do coaches need to know in domains such as depression, addiction, anxiety and more in order to be effective?  

A highly interactive event, our panelists will share research and case studies in multiple mental health domains — and engage in lively discussion with the audience. Our goal is not to turn coaches into therapists, but to help coaches in all disciplines — career, wellness, leadership, positive psychology, etc — become more comfortable in recognizing and supporting clients who may be suffering with mental health challenges.  

This is a public webinar.

Presenter: Susan David, Shelley Carson, Pamela Larde, Jeffrey Hull



Rolf Pfeiffer
Susan David
Shelley Carson
Jeffrey Hull
Pamela Larde