Brain Energy: Lifestyle Interventions for Mental Health

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Brain Energy: Lifestyle Interventions for Mental Health
Conference 2024 . Harvard medical school, mclean and institute of coaching
Mental disorders are a growing crisis and are now the leading cause of disease burden and disability worldwide. Although current treatments can work, they fail to work for far too many people. The brain energy theory integrates decades of clinical, epidemiological, basic science, neuroimaging, genetic, and metabolic research into one coherent theory: mental disorders are metabolic disorders of the brain. This theory integrates biological, psychological, and social theories of mental illness and offers new treatments that come with the hope of long-term healing as opposed to just symptom reduction. This presentation will offer a high-level overview of the brain energy theory and some of the lifestyle treatments that it offers, including changes in diet, exercise, hormones, substance use, sleep, and some of the nuances and concerns with current treatments.

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