MasterClass: Translating Self-Determination Theory into Your Coaching Practice

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MasterClass: Translating Self-Determination Theory into Your Coaching Practice

Welcome to our MasterClass on self-determination theory (SDT) and how its tenets can be used as part of your coaching practice. Self-determination theory (SDT), developed by psychologists Ed Deci and Rich Ryan at the University of Rochester over the past 25 years, is one of the most respected theories of human motivation. The Institute of Coaching is proud to present our second MasterClass on this topic and to bring members the most up-to-date thinking on SDT and its application in coaching.

This MasterClass features Dr. Richard Ryan’s presentations at the 2013 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference. We have reviewed and now present the important “take-aways” from his keynote address. For those of you with more time and interest we have also included his 2 hour 11 minute breakout session, which delves deeper into the theory of self-determination.

Lastly, the American Journal of Health Promotion has graciously allowed us to reprint articles published in their July/August 2013 issue. With special thanks to Paul Terry, Editor AJHP we are able to share this in-depth look at SDT.


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