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Our mission is to disseminate the best coaching science and empower your organization to catalyze positive change and enhance
 well-being in your individuals, teams, and the community around you. Sponsorship of the IOC helps to support our mission to
elevate coaching science and practice. Your contributions directly advance the continued growth of coaching research and science-based coaching.

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with innovative coaching resources

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Affiliate Membership

Foundational Membership

Connect with an elite coaching community and access research-based tools and resources for every learning style.


  • Access to the latest in coaching science resources and learning from thought leaders and experts
  • Network with an elite global coaching community: join a book club or discussion group, engage in our REDI council, participate in global roundtables and meetups
  • Empower your practice with the largest vault of coaching research, dive into master classes and webinars, and access scientific journals
  • Gain first access and member pricing for special events, courses and conferences

Fellow Membership

Membership for Experienced Coaches & Professionals

Enjoy Affiliate benefits plus, Fellows are offered a platform to amplify and further their coaching leadership among the IOC global network.


  • Amplify your knowledge to the IOC community: present your latest work in discussion groups, write for the IOC blog, present webinars, or give a CoachX talk, be featured on IOC social media networks
  • Contribute to coaching science with exclusive opportunities such as writing collaborations and research projects
  • Feature in our public Fellows Directory
  • Receive support to help you build your thought leadership and coaching practice

Sponsorship levels based on your organizational needs

An organizational membership is called a sponsorship of the Institute of Coaching. The sponsorship program is a purchase of multiple Institute of Coaching memberships for an organization’s constituents. An organization is enabled to register a specified number of Institute of Coaching memberships at fair market value for individuals identified by the organization, which includes volume discounts that recognize economies of scale.


The organizational sponsorship is offered in tiers based on the number of memberships and services provided. As with individual memberships, sponsorship fees reflect the fair market value of the services and resources made available to members and so are not tax-deductible as charitable donations.The sponsorship tier level is calculated based on the total sum of the number and price of sponsored members at each level (affiliate or fellow) that a sponsor selected to include in their sponsorship package and the total price of the additional sponsorship services they selected for the annual sponsorship term.

Custom Membership Options

Select the number of individuals you would like included in your sponsorship and their membership level. You can choose between two membership options (affiliate or fellow) for each individual. You can also choose specific tailored organizational benefits that best support your organization. Your sponsorship tier level will be calculated based on the total number of members and services selected.


Included in your Sponsorship...

All sponsors receive the following included benefits as part of the sponsorship service fee:

Guided Membership Tour

by an IOC staff member to explain to sponsored members all the resources available to them as members.

Featured on the IOC Website

dedicated sponsorship profile page on IOC website

IOC Staff Support

for optimal sponsorship and membership experience

Feature in IOC Coaching Report

organization spotlight in one of the IOC monthly newsletters throughout the annual sponsorship year

IOC Coaching Retreat Seats

for optimal sponsorship and membership experience

IOC Retreat Exhibitor

early access to registration for exhibitor opportunity

Discounted Memberships Beyond Sponsored Membership

prepayment included as part of the sponsored membership fees

Harvard Conference Exhibitor

early access to registration for exhibitor opportunity

A la Carte Benefits

Sponsors may also choose to purchase other available IOC services, priced at fair market value.

IOC Thought Leader Access

5 hours of support provided by a Thought Leader

Research Help Desk

5 hours of support to aid members with resource search and assessment

Harvard Virtual Conference Seats

Max of 5 seats


We always have profound respect for the presence of IOC and its contribution toward raising the credibility of coaching. To us as a company, we treasure various co- learning opportunities created by the IOC, in which we exchange wisdom with various researchers and practitioners of coaching and organizational development. With our sponsorship of the IOC, we believe that we can continuously contribute to the development of the coaching industry and work together with these important stakeholders to build assets for this industry.

Wataru Kurimoto, Director and Executive Coach, MCC, Coach A

As a practitioner and not an academician the IOC has been invaluable. The overarching purpose of bringing together the science of coaching to the art and skill of coaching has been invaluable to our entire organization. Rubbing elbows, as it were, with the kind of people that the IOC attracts has added a dimension and depth to our work that I didn’t know was there. Anyone serious about coaching as a vocation should look to join this amazing and thoughtful group.

 Steven Scanlon, CEO, Rewire

First, I learned from the latest research on coaching to stay critical towards my own biases as a coach and to notice the dogmas that are holding us back as coaches. Second, I got inspired by top executive Coaches such as Carol Kauffman and David Noble who shared their perspectives on how to help clients grow their leadership. I started using their framework and approach. Third, the latest research on Coaching Effectiveness in Healthcare and within other sectors broadened my awareness of what is really helping clients to cope with mental health issues.

Adrienne Madsen, Sponsored BetterUp Member

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