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I believe in the power of purpose, congruence and simplicity.

Ashot Ter Avanesian is the leading Transformational Mindset coach, who has held high profile leadership roles (CEO, CFO, Board directorships) in global, fast growth technology firms, top tier investment banks and VC funds.

He helps executives and entrepreneurs realise, unlock and live their potential, achieve personal and business growth without stress and burnout through alignment of one's inner values with business and career aspirations. 

Ashot empowers and guides his clients to be their best self, follow their calling and create strong connection with their teams - all by tapping into their OWN inner power. 

Ashot helps high-achievers to excel in new ways:

  • Peak performance without burnout 
  • Natural confidence and mental agility (during high stake negotiations, public speaking, etc)
  • Emotional resilience
  • Deepened self awareness and understanding of own intuition ("gut feeling") for better decision making
  • State of Vitality and Inner peace
  • Resilience in the face of fast evolving business environment 
  • Stress-free state in stressful circumstances
QUALIFICATIONS & POSITIONS include, inter alia:
  • Strategic Intervention Coach, RobbinsMadanes' certification
  • Fellow  at McLean IOC, Harvard Medical School affiliate
  • Mentor at London Business School
  • Scholar at Eckhart Tolle Foundation 
  • Executive MBA, London Business School
  INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS EXPERIENCE (over 30 years in UK, USA, Luxembourg, France, Germany and New Zealand):
  • Group CFO of award winning high-tech firm in urban mobility sector
  • CEO of nano-technology business (a global market leader in new age materials)
  • Founder of investment advisory business, FCA regulated (offices in UK and Germany)
  • Director at top-tier international investment bank (Barclays Capital)
  • Principal Banker at European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • Senior Equity analyst at one of the largest VC funds in Europe (Siparex)
  • Board Director at a number of fast pace growth technology firms 
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