Daniela Aneva

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I have been working in the corporate sector for nearly 23 years and over 13 of them as a coach. I have a master’s degree - in Business, one more in Human Resource Management and another in Psychology , I was serving as executive, COO, VP and other strategic roles in the corporate world, I am in the advisory board of a New York Citi based university, I am a mentor, coach, coach supervisor and change ambassador.

My experience in the world of business has brought me into contact with various stressful situations. These are moments which represent a shift in the life of an individual or an organization. Navigating these waters is no easy feat. However, they present opportunities to take charge and shift the balance in one’s own favor.

We live in a world that is increasingly fast paced; where opportunities can appear and disappear in seconds. Tackling that world without getting overwhelmed is near impossible without help. My coaching helps to bridge the gap between the first attempt and success by working with the mind. Just knowing that there is an answer you can arrive at helps tremendously.

Working in the business world for 2 decades has given me a deep understanding of what is needed to coach individuals, groups and teams. It has allowed me to understand how to keep yourself sane during times of incredible pressure.

That’s why I also coach people for their personal lives at all ages. Whether you’re a struggling parent, a stressed child, or a burgeoning professional, we all need help. It’s not enough sometimes to just keep soldiering on. I successfully support clients to go through changes and transitions, but also recover from different types of traumas.

My experience in coaching and skills in the corporate world and my sessions with thousands of professionals has made me uniquely qualified to be a coach, mentor and supervisor. My qualification as Master coach by ICF, Supervisor by EMCC and my numerous accreditation certificates in change management and career growth are only giving me even better fundamentals to support my practical experience with over 3000 leaders and individuals.